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Panda Hotel

Panda Hotel

Wallow in the heavenly beauty of nature!

Panda hotel is unique, it is perched atop of O Quy Ho Pass, which is one of the four legendary peaks of the northwestern mountain with an elevation of 2000 meters. Your emotions will be constantly pushed to new levels by the majestic nature of the mountains and forests here. As well as the sacredness and magic of this land.

Enjoy launching in the middle of a layer of clouds, watch sunshine rays spreading on the mountainside. Cherish every white snowflake in the early winter thêse and many more wonderful experiences cần only be obtained at Panda hotel.

The Stay

Panda Hotel treasures every moment of your holiday! Located at its picturesque hill overlooking the beautiful Sapa landscape, Panda Hotel boasts the incredible and panoramic views of the World’s Natural Heritage site of Sapa. Designed in modernity and ultra-comfort, 45 well-appointed rooms and suites accompanied with heartfelt service at Panda Hotel offer you an ambiance of relaxed luxury

Our Gastronomy

Enjoying delicious food is an integral part of every trip. The harmonious combination of local delicacies and the East-West style prepared by our talented and professional chefs as well as our thoughtful services will complete your vacation.


We are always trying our best to make your vacation full of experiences. In Panda, time seemed to be stagnant, leaving only great emotions harmonized with nature and people. Rejuvenate your body and mind with our tranquil Sense Spa, where the nature-inspired techniques meet Sapa Local Touch. Guests can choose from a selection of personalized messages, back massage, body wraps, facial treatments, and luxury Steam baths.